Is this for me?

Only if you need more than also need instruction and impartation.

VIP Day with The Empowerment Specialist®, Global Speaker and Execution Strategist, Dr. Elisa Harney is a one-of-a-kind experience! Dr. E is the creator of Purpose Positioning®, the signature alignment strategy for Kingdom Leaders to produce excellence in execution.

Purpose + Profits℠ VIP Day is an individual or group execution experience including an implementable strategy for purpose progression and profitability. It features her exclusive signature Me-Mapping℠ methodology, and the People vs Purpose Profiling assessment. You don't just get strategy for sustainability and also get a safe place to share and a much needed (and deserved) break from the everyday demands of your business.

This will be your time to review your entire comprehensive purpose plan, action items and next steps. Ask questions, get clarity and enjoy a full day of information, instruction and impartation. Because Dr. E is not only an execution strategist but also a prophetic global voice in the Kingdom, you will also receive prophetic impartation and biblically-based counsel to put you in divine alignment with your Kingdom Assignment. Book your time now...don't miss your moment.


What's Included:

Pre-Work for Profits

VIP Day is an intensive 5-hour experience. To maximize this time, your onboarding will include pre-work to ensure that you receive the clarity and answers that you need. This interactive course includes an accompanying workbook.


A highly personalized (and prophetic!) internal assessment methodology resulting in CPOD℠ (Central Point of Dissonance) identification, the discovery and dismantling of limiting beliefs and behaviors and the examination of value systems affecting value proposition. *Only available with Assignment Alignment and the Purpose + Profit VIP.

The Strategy of Progressive Sustainability

Work with Dr. E as she teaches you her signature, proven systematic approach to profitability consisting of transitional, transactional, transferable and transformational progression to yield high-impact, long-term results.

Building Boardroom Brilliance

You will receive personalized resources to assist in time and project management, course development and overall productivity. These tools will assist you in making the shift From Bright to Brilliant by increasing your impact, income and influence.


But that's not all!

During your Purpose + Profits Execution Experience, you'll also get:

  • Lunch + Dinner with Dr. E
  • Customized gifts and goodies
  • Access to the video recording of your VIP Day
  • The opportunity to book a "tune-up" session w/Dr. E
  • A special prophetic impartation!

It's time for results.

I believe that 2024 is the year of DEMONSTRATION.

The time for procrastination, perfectionism and pointing fingers is over. We can not allow excuses, circumstances and opposition to keep us from operating in wholeness, boldness, health and wealth.

We're now in a season of execution. As a coach, I am committed to leading the way in the pursuit of purpose and the evolution of elevation. I am committed to getting you positioned to prosper in your purpose. This will require a different level of commitment, accountability and responsibility. If you're ready to shift with me in this "Atmosphere of Activation" then let's go!

- Dr. E

Is VIP Day really worth the hype?

Just ask viral sensation, creator and global influencer @lovemichelleana. Michelle is an amazing entrepreneur full of ideas, projects and goals...but was in need of a clear, concise system for implementation and execution. She got way more than she expected! Framework. Outcome measures. Metrics. Accountability. Oh...and yes there were things to confront, admit and dismantle...but the end result was nothing short of spectacular! Then came the fun, the food and the fellowship. A day to remember.

"VIP Day was EVERYTHING I needed and so much MORE! I left with clear next steps, ready to scale my business to the next level. Dr. E, you are beyond incredible, no words could ever describe your voice in my life. Your coaching and clear strategy has freed me in ways I never imagined I could be FREE IN! It will always be YOU for me!"

- Michelle Ana (Lifestyle Influencer, Digital Creator & Founder of The Flourish Effect)

The Investment

The total value of this 1-day, 5-hour Executive VIP Day is valued at $8,899. However, you get access to all this for only $4,999 or two payments of $2,499 (first payment required to schedule your VIP Day. Second payment due prior to scheduled VIP Day. That's a nearly 50% discount! You can secure your spot by paying in full or by submitting your first payment to confirm your Executive VIP Session date.

*Note: This in-person VIP Day takes place at an undisclosed location in Atlanta, GA. Travel and hotel accommodations are not included. Lunch and dinner ARE included.

OR...Lock in your Purpose & Profits Accelerated Virtual VIP Day for only $2,499. Click here.

Full Payment Option

This payment covers your entire Executive VIP Day Experience.

One payment of $4,999

I'm ready!

Two Payment Option

This is a partial payment option and requires your second payment will be due 14 days prior to your Executive VIP Day Experience.

Two payments of $2,499

Invoice Option

This option is for those of you who need to receive a direct invoice for payment.

$4,999 or Two payments of $2,499

Accelerated VIP Option (virtual)

I don't offer 1-1 coaching or mentorship outside of my signature program. But this is an exception. I want to give you an opportunity to map out your 2024 and beyond strategy with me before this year closes out. This option includes a 3-hour intensive with me. Part one includes Me-Mapping℠. This is my highly personalized internal assessment methodology resulting in CPOD℠ (Central Point of Dissonance) identification, the discovery and dismantling of limiting beliefs and behaviors and the examination of value systems affecting value proposition. Part two includes my People vs Purpose Profiling assessment and framework for profitability. Get ready to reconstruct your presence, packaging and presentation so that you produce, profit and progress in your purpose.


2 Day Accelerated VIP Session

Two 90-minute strategy sessions with Dr. E.

Group VIP Day Option

Book an in-person live VIP Day with Dr. E for your group, team or staff. This is a highly customized focalized development experience to help enhance personal and professional progression and productivity.



Get ready to accelerate your existing program, product, service or business. Assignment Alignment℠ is the only 8-week premium one-on-one coaching program using the exclusive, signature Purpose Positioning® alignment strategy, Me-Mapping℠ methodology and Progressive Sustainability℠ framework to produce the execution of purpose, profitability and progression. This experience includes bi-weekly strategy sessions, course modules and an in-person VIP Day with Dr. E.


Who is Dr. E?

Dr. Elisa LaShell Harney is the creator of Purpose Positioning®, the signature alignment strategy for Kingdom Leaders to produce excellence in execution. She is also the founder of The Grow Gathering®, a growth hub for individual and collective advancement. E, as she is globally known, uses information, instruction and impartation to help today's leaders increase their presence, platform, performance and profit. She has taken her last 12 years of entrepreneurship, over 23 years of working in ministry and the last four years of operating as a business strategist, speaker and coach to develop premium programs for focalized development.

Dr. Harney has evolved into assisting her clients with proven wealth strategies and systems for sustainable progression to materialize their prosperity in their unique assignment and profits. Her signature system and development methodology has allowed them to see exponential growth in their profit margins and dividends. She not only assists men and women in becoming healed and whole, but in their evolution of leadership with practical protocol for professional progression.